2014 School Holiday to Melaka

I wrote this entry last year before I created this blog. 

When we went to Melaka, first place I went was RESTAURANT ASAM PEDAS. And then, we went to car park near the MUZIUM SAMUDERA. We ascend two trishaws. Dad, Idlan and Fahren ascend one trishaw. I, mom, Dyan and Daleela ascend one more trishaw. We went to KOTA A’FAMOSA, COW CAR PLACE, and so many places we go with the trishaw. In the evening, we feel very, very tired.

A Famosa

        Dad went straight to our hotel. Our hotel named was MAHKOTA HOTEL [MH].Our hotel room has two rooms in it. I, Idlan, Fahren and Daleela slept in room one. Mom, Dyan and dad slept in room two. I can see the swimming pool from my room. The hotel has two swimming pools. Swimming pool one’s name was  HIBISCUS POOL, and swimming pool two’s name was DOLPHIN POOL. After we rest, we change our cloth. And then we went straight to the DOLPHIN POOL!
        After we play water at the DOLPHIN POOL, we went to our room. We took our bath at the bathtub and play water again! After we finish bathe, we change our cloth. We all sit at the sofa and watched TV together. In that night, we all went out for dinner. We had our dinner at RESTAURANT IKAN BAKAR.  After dinner, we went back to the hotel. My room has two bed so, Idlan and Fahren slept at one bed, I and Daleela slept at one bed. Mom’s room has one Queen bed so, mom, Dyan and dad slept together.
        The next day, we pack our bag for check out. After we left MAHKOTA HOTEL, we went to car park near the MUZIUM SAMUDERA, yesterday car park. Daleela want to ascend the trishaw again! We did not went to ascend trishaw, but we went to MUZIUM SAMUDERA! After we back from MUZIUM SAMUDERA, we went to take a photo place. We pick a photo near the MUZIUM SAMUDERA. The person who take our photo ask we all wait. We went to one more MUZIUM SAMUDERA [a little one]. When we went in the muzium, I feel so afraid in there. We went upstairs, the stairs was sound! I am very, very afraid! Mom has take the picture and pay RM 10.00 to the person.
        We went to MENARA TAMING SARI and we take a picture again! We wait until the place to sit to stop. We ascend the MENARA TAMING SARI. We can look the JONKER WALK, MUZIUM SAMUDERA and more places we can see!
        We want to ascend DUCK TOUR but it was so costly! So dad said to not ascend the DUCK TOUR. We went straight to the hotel. The hotel name is KING’S GREEN HOTEL. We not went to swimming pool because in that night we want to went to JONKER WALK. That sunset, we went to MASJID TERAPUNG MELAKA for pray sunset. Mom and I went first, dad and Idlan went second. I can see the sea at the mosque.
        In the last day at MELAKA, we went to car park near the MUZIUM SAMUDERA again! We went to belfry and take photo. We went to stall and buy something. We buy key chain, rattan ball and two foams. Foams for Daleela and Fahren, rattan ball for Idlan and key chain for me. That afternoon, we went back. I feel very happy because I can sleep at hotel. I hope I can go to MELAKA again. Bye!
By Lydia...

I love MELAKA......

I am very exited because I can write English. Thank you mom!!!


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